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Circular IT group

The Circular IT group offers circular IT solutions, such as refurbished hardware, aimed at extending the life of IT products and thereby minimizing the negative impact of their production on the environment and resource consumption. 

We offer various services such as secure data removal, repair, refurbishing, distribution, installation and resale of refurbished IT equipment and the removal and safe destruction of IT products that can no longer be reused.


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The Circular IT group as employer

Employees of The Circular IT group are passionate, hard-working professionals committed to a greener world.

Together, we build a culture where you are truly of value and where you are allowed to be who you are. As a result, the impact we achieve together to make our world a little greener is huge. We support and encourage society in the transition to a 100% Circular IT-hardware.

You are our key to success!

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Sustainable cities and communities

Responsible consumption and production

Climate Action

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